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Well, here it is, My gallary of things that I draw.
Please be warned you might find somethings in there that you might not like, so please if you don't like it then kindly don't say anything ^^; but you are still free to look around my other art work!

Hope you all like what you see! =D

Random Favourites

Pokemon: Swampert by mark331 Pokemon: Swampert :iconmark331:mark331 2,503 106 Swampert by yeomaria Swampert :iconyeomaria:yeomaria 213 28 'Don't make me tell you again' by Kadeart0 'Don't make me tell you again' :iconkadeart0:Kadeart0 2,183 244 Blue Meanies by DrFaustusAU Blue Meanies :icondrfaustusau:DrFaustusAU 100 29 stitch by Apofiss stitch :iconapofiss:Apofiss 9,449 656 Super Mario World by BenHickling Super Mario World :iconbenhickling:BenHickling 1,779 109 So I hear u liek mudkips by Zaera-D So I hear u liek mudkips :iconzaera-d:Zaera-D 96 35 Aloha Stitch by Bleuxwolf Aloha Stitch :iconbleuxwolf:Bleuxwolf 101 14 May I Take Your Order? by Fishlover May I Take Your Order? :iconfishlover:Fishlover 81 26 Am I Good or Bad? by ElectricDawgy Am I Good or Bad? :iconelectricdawgy:ElectricDawgy 97 19 Super Mario Sisters by rollingrabbit Super Mario Sisters :iconrollingrabbit:rollingrabbit 3,360 341 Land Locked by DoNotDelete Land Locked :icondonotdelete:DoNotDelete 2,283 405 Tanooki Bowser by grayfox64 Tanooki Bowser :icongrayfox64:grayfox64 412 53 Zelda-he's adowable by TaylorKnetterArt Zelda-he's adowable :icontaylorknetterart:TaylorKnetterArt 3,124 650 Samurott by seiryuuden Samurott :iconseiryuuden:seiryuuden 2,562 230 benim bu by ahmettabak benim bu :iconahmettabak:ahmettabak 40 10
Hey, all of you artists out there draw some awesome things out there! So Eventually I'm going to fav some of your art work! ^^

I may of fave'd your art because I like how its drawn, or of its humor got to me in a certain way or there's an appeal to it that I like, even to art that makes a statement... and yes <_< Even if it features my characters XD! but yeah! You may find your artwork in here!
  • Listening to: Daft Punk
  • Playing: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
  • Drinking: Ice water
 I've been here, how many years? Going on to 13 years? Yeah.

I posted my artwork, stopped doing a certain kind of style of artwork, remained diligent here in trying to post at least once a month with my desktop background of the month being shown before I post stuff again, which I've been doing for as long as I can remember.

but lately, I feel like being here is more of a burden and a curse than it is fun and interactive.

Granted, I've met some pretty good friends here that I've made when I was still new to Deviant Art and still are friends with today. I've found some amazing artists who draw amazing works, from illustrations to comics with good stories or gags.

I feel like those days are long gone. It's rare that I find anything good here anymore. I feel like I'm just here to feed someone's fetish that I don't even do on here anymore. That's pretty much it.

There are some of you who are on DA that follow me that are decent, but I feel like people have migrated elsewhere or closed their accounts and moved on. I do feel like I'm alone, now that some of my friends moved to another art publishing website, which I have done too, and I feel more at home there than here.

I just sometimes feel like I should close my account and just find a new place to post artwork that isn't so cringey.

I'm not going to close my account though. I'm still going to post stuff... so just how I am normally have been posting here and there. I hardly check DA anymore, save to read a comic I've been reading which is nearing it's conclusion, so I feel like there isn't a point of me being here sometimes.

I don't even get in character here anymore. I just see him as a character I've created that is more or less of my mascot here.

I still am going to post... but if it REALLY comes down to it, I'm going to close my account that I've had since October of 2004.

I probably am just rambling by now, but I've been feeling like this for a very long time.

I don't even care if I get comments or not. I just wanted to get it off my chest...

Thanks for reading

I'm going to go play Breath of the Wild


Erik J.
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
So.... Who am I? Why, I'm Dobie! I'm an art student from San Jose, CA and I love to draw!

I usually draw characters of my friends and of my own characters as well, both fan made and originally created. I also draw pokemon stuff and other fan art too.

I have been trying to draw more fan art aside from pokemon like Nintendo, Disney and caricatures of famous people and maybe drawing them as pokemon. I do mostly digital art, but I do other medias here and there like painting. and I'm trying to explore different styles of art.

My Influences are Walt Disney, Tim Burton, Kingdom Hearts, Nintendo stuff, some of the people here on DA, some types of architecture, Music and among others that influence my art.

But wait, who is that blue gryphon you see hanging around in my DA page and galleries and such? That's just Dobie Takahama! He's the character that represents me online. I do not really consider him "Furry" I see it as he's a character much like Mickey Mouse or Bugs Bunny. Do we consider Mickey and Bugs as furry characters? Well, I certainly don't!

I'm a big Nintendo fan, especially Mario, Pokemon and The Legend of Zelda series! I've been a fan of the big N ever since I could pick up a controller and developed enough coordination to play the games. I am a Loyal fan and will continue to be a loyal fan, so there!

I also like Disney stuff too! I grew up watching Disney Movies and watching some of the cartoons on Dsney channel, back when they showed that stuff. and I do like Disneyland too! Walt Disney is basically one of my idols and I do love to read about him as well as watch him when he was doing presentations.

As far as characters go, Stitch from Disney's Lilo and Stitch, is my favorite character. But I also Like Homer Simpson, Mario, Jake the Dog and Louis the Alligator from Disney's Princess and the frog.

Did I mention I like pokemon and my favorite pokemon are Swampert, Typhlosion and Floatzel? No? Well, now you know!

I love music too, The Beatles are my favorite band, but I also like others such as Earth,Wind and Fire, Michael Jackson and even musical composers like Danny Elfman. I'm trying to experiment with different bands or musicians as well, so far, Nirvana has me interested... . My favorite Genre? If I like it, I like it, but I don't like Rap or Country though.

I guess that's all you need to know for now...

Oh yeah, and I like chubby cartoon characters <_<;;; soooo... expect to see some chubbiness in my gallery yeah... I dunno, I just find chubby cartoons characters cute and appealing. So I do have some chubby characters... Hey, if you don't like it you could always check someone else's DA page. I do draw chub.. but I'm not like those "OMG maek him planet sized!!!!11!!!" people who draw chub.. I have a limit, y'know! So if Chub isn't your thing, I suggest you go elsewhere, Thanks much! =)

Anyways, Enjoy what you see! =)

And the following used to be in its own section!

Current Residence: San Jose, CA
Favorite genre of music: 60s and 70s (Usually), Soul, Dance music and No Country or Rap, except Weird Al Rap.
Favorite photographer: I dunno o_o but I take random and candid pictures.
Favorite style of art: Disney animation new and old, CGI, Retro 50 and 60's styles
Operating System: Windows Vista (Its a Lappy.. I really need a new one)
MP3 player of choice: Zune HD... Touch Screen! =D
Shell of choice: A choice between a Koopa or a Squritle shell maybe even a Blastoise shell!
Wallpaper of choice: Anything I like that I can make into a wallpaper... or DLing it <_<
Skin of choice: Uhm... Yellow matter custard dripping from a dead dog's eye?
Favorite cartoon character: Swampert, Stitch, Homer Simpson, Louis the alligator, Perry the Platypus, Oswald The Lucky Rabbit & more!
Personal Quote: Before you Judge, Try hard to Love



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UsagiEVO Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hi, wanna be friends? :3 
Dobie-Takahama Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Wow.. I Didn't see this until now. I don't go to Deviant Art that much anymore.

I'm going to have to pass on your offer though. Sorry!

Have a good day!=)
BenBandicoot Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2017  Student Writer
Hey Dobie. I'm sure you remember me from when we chatted on one of you streams. It's just... Do you mind if we just have a normal chat? (Do you want it to be in notes? Because I'm fine if it is.)
Dobie-Takahama Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Hey, sorry for the delay. I don't check DA too often.

Sorry, but I've got too much on my plate still.

Btw, if you have to ask, please send it in a note.

Thanks, though!
BenBandicoot Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2017  Student Writer
Okay. I already sent you a note.
Zerochan923600 Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
thanks for the add mate!
Dobie-Takahama Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2015  Student Digital Artist
No  problem! Your Animal Crossing comic won me over! Everything else in your gallery is awesome too! =)
Lambozilla Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hey I got a question do you play The Legend of Zelda franchise?
Dobie-Takahama Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Oh, heck yeah I do! I love the series! :XD:
BenBandicoot Featured By Owner May 6, 2015  Student Writer
Hey Dobie, it's going to be my birthday in a few weeks on the 24th and I'm going to spend that day as well as the day before that at the MCM London Comic-Con! I'm also thinking for one of those days I could go in my Natsu cosplay outfit, yeah I have an official Fairy Tail cosplay outfit I bought from TokyoToys online.
FlainYesFourzeNo Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2015  Professional Artist
Dobie-Takahama Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2015  Student Digital Artist
FlainYesFourzeNo Featured By Owner May 1, 2015  Professional Artist
How are you?
Dobie-Takahama Featured By Owner May 3, 2015  Student Digital Artist
I'm doing okay! You?
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BenBandicoot Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2015  Student Writer
Hey Dobie, I drew inspiration from you and Dean and made weapons, I hope you don't mind.

BenBandicoot Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2014  Student Writer
Can I ask why you have an animated gif of Fairy Tail?
Dobie-Takahama Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Why not? I like Fairy Tail.
BenBandicoot Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2014  Student Writer
I actually like it too.
KEWtheArtist Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Thanks so much for the llama!!
Dobie-Takahama Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2014  Student Digital Artist
You're welcome! You gave me one so I gave you one too! =)
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