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July 24, 2009
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Jin Transforms by Dobie-Takahama Jin Transforms by Dobie-Takahama
Whoa! Look at that! o_o the once human Jin woke up as an aggron after a weird night with Sandy and Dean watching and gasping at Jin's tranformation.

How wild is that?

and its at a hotel room too! Well, Lets see how Jin deals with it later!

This was a comission by :icondanny-mac: I was glad to do this for him and finish it as good as I can for the price he paid for.

anyways. this was 100% Digital. No paper, no scanning, its all Green, man! ^^

It was fun to draw too, I've never drawn an aggron quite like this before. >_>! I thought he came out quite well despite being a little chubby.

I Like the way Dean came out... except for the legs >_> That could of been better.

Sandy.. she's okay but her hand came out funny.

But I dig the background.

Everything else looks like it was alright.

Anyways, this is what a comission from me looks like. *Shameless plug in* If you want to comission me, note me.

Anyways Enjoy this!
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Well that was certainly unexpected. I suppose things just happens. Who would have thought, right? :XD:

He sure looks surprised that he turned into that thing. Let's hope for his sake it's nothing permanent. Nice expression work sir!
Dobie-Takahama Aug 19, 2009  Student Digital Artist
Thanks much, Leo!

and Yeah, he'll find away... I think XP
Yeah the background is nice, although I feel as you and Sandy are a bit absent of any strong emotions. Jin may be the centerpiece of this drawing, that doesn't excuse simplistic character design.
Dobie-Takahama Jul 26, 2009  Student Digital Artist
Thanks! I'm glad you like the background. And The two characters witnessing the Transformation (Btw, thats Dean, not Dobie, Dean is red) I wanted it to be a little basic.

Though, that being said, it could be pushed a little more.

thanks again!
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